Conversation with Justin Fulford of Fulford Heating and Cooling

Justin Fulford of Fulford Heating And Cooling sits down with Buddy Blake to talk a little about important tips and tricks to know with maintenance on your heating and air conditioning system. There are a lot of people who don't pay attention to the ongoing needs of their HVAC and only deal with issues when they break down. A yearly maintenance plan can greatly increase the life of your equipment and prevent overloading the system that causes many of the problems that cause breakdowns. Some things as simply as making sure to change your air filters every month and not to use filters that restrict too much air flow are key maintenance tasks that home owners should make sure to keep an eye on.

There are big government changes coming in 2022 and 2023 that regulate the efficiency and refrigerant that air conditioning systems use that will require new types of equipment to be manufactured and installed bringing on price increases across the board around 35%. If you have a weak system, now might be a great time to purchase a replacement before these increases take hold. Try and get your unit replaced within the next year or you will face a significant cost increase over the current market prices.

Fulford Heating and Cooling is a local service company started in 1974 in the Supply, NC area and now expanded to cover the Hampstead, Wilmington and surrounding areas. They are family owned and take great pride in their focus on providing great service and customer support without high pressure sales.

Justin Fulford is a native Wilmingtonian, and is married to Christina with three beautiful girls. He spends his time enjoying the outdoors surfing, fishing and hunting. If you are in need of anything related to heating to air conditioning, please give Justin a call at (910) 842-6589.

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